The Joy of SUP - The Paddleboarding Sunshine Podcast

Emma Love - White Water SUP Coaching, Founding Wotbikini, the Menopause + Protein Bars

March 18, 2022 Jo Moseley Season 3 Episode 9
The Joy of SUP - The Paddleboarding Sunshine Podcast
Emma Love - White Water SUP Coaching, Founding Wotbikini, the Menopause + Protein Bars
Show Notes

I am so thrilled to welcome Emma Love to The Joy of SUP Podcast today. 

Here's Emma: When I was 45yrs old, I along with my  very young son had our very first go on kayaks at Holme Pierrepont National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham.  While on the water, we saw some children playing on paddle boards. We quickly exchanged our kayaks for SUPs + I was hooked! 

This was the beginning of an incredible journey.  Five years later, my writing is published online with British Canoeing, I was the 2nd woman in the UK to qualify as a British Canoeing White Water SUP Coach!  

In 2020 I became a British Canoeing #She Paddles Ambassador. In 2021 I was invited to join the Californian Watersport Collective Ambassador programme. 

The role of  #ShePaddles Ambassador has  empowered me to speak + write about my own paddling journey to inspire other women. This has included podcasts in the UK with SUPFM, in USA with Paul Clark, and with Etienne Stott, Olympic Slalom Gold Medal Winner. 

In February 2021, I was thrilled to write a series of interviews celebrating the explosion of women in the White Water SUP coaching route for SUPMagUK.  I am very proud of this year long project and so honoured to chat with Jenna Sanders, Jessica Phillip, Lisa Boore, Charlotte Louise, Louise Royle, Beth Kirby, Julie Vigor and Joyce Johnston.  All incredible women, inspiring paddlers + talented coaches. 

Summer 2021 I took a tucked away dream of mine + turned it into a reality - my very own SUP coaching business Wotbikini Stand Up Paddleboarding.   

I specialise in building women's confidence on the water via stand up paddle boarding.  I am very pleased to be a British Canoeing Delivery Partner.   

It was an amazing first season,  wonderful to support so many inspiring women.  We have learnt together, developed, laughed + really enjoyed having time on the water.

2021 my business was nominated for two British Canoeing 'Delivery Partner' Awards.  I am delighted to have been selected for both the 2022 'Engagement Award Finalist' & 2022 'Quality Experience Award Finalist'. 

2022 – SUP Mag UK - Interviewing 8 of the 16 #ShePaddles Ambassadors about their SUP Journeys.

Find Emma: 

Facebook:       Wotbikini Stand Up Paddleboarding  
Instagram:      @WotbikiniSUP

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