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Holly Pye - SUP Racing, Downwinding, Being a Sleep Specialist + Cinammon + Raisin Bagels

March 31, 2022 Jo Moseley Season 3 Episode 11
The Joy of SUP - The Paddleboarding Sunshine Podcast
Holly Pye - SUP Racing, Downwinding, Being a Sleep Specialist + Cinammon + Raisin Bagels
Show Notes

I am thrilled to welcome Holly Pye to The Joy of SUP Podcast.

I first met Holly when I asked in SUP Sisterhood for a sleep specialist. What I didn't realise that as well as working in the NHS as a sleep physiologist and running her own specialist sleep clinic - Stars Sleep Clinic - Holly is a very successful SUP racer and downwinder!

Holly is a SUP racer living in South Devon. She enjoys the competitive side of the sport and has raced in the GBSUP National Series since 2017. In 2021, Holly travelled to Hungary with her SUP for the ICF World Championships where she came 13th in the long distance race - an 18 kilometre race against some of the world's best!

Holly loves being in or on the ocean and takes any chance she can to get out there. She grew up around the water and now does lots of different watersports. When the weather turns she can often be found downwinding along the Devon or Cornwall coast, riding the bumps on her SUP from one point to another and enjoying every minute of it.

When Holly is not on the water, she loves to help others. She trained as a sleep physiologist and runs Stars Sleep Clinic where she offers cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia and supports people with a variety of different sleeping difficulties.

Holly is now a team rider for Starboard SUP, SUP North Devon and Paddle Logger. All organisations which care for the oceans and environment and allow us all the opportunity to protect what we love.

We talk about:

  • Growing up by the sea and her water loving family - everyone SUPS!
  • Downwinding - what it is, how to start safely, the safety aspects that Holly takes into consideration every time she goes out, joining a SUP downwinding group
  • Starting a SUP club at university
  • The power of community in paddleboarding and especially Anna Little's incredible help
  • The superstar Marie Buchanan
  • SUP racing - Read Holly's report for Paddlelogger about Hungary ICF World  Championship races 
  • The importance of sleep and how it impacts our wellbeing and performance 
  • Tips on how to get a better night's sleep and tips if you aren't sleeping well
  • The importance of good nutrition as well as recovery when you are training hard
  • Being relaxed around food when travelling 
  • The joy of Carbis Bay
  • Her dream race Molokai

An article Holly wrote about sleep:

You can find Holly here:

Instagram: @hollypye and @starssleepclinic

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