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Nicky Green - 2MinuteBeachClean, Grandpa’s SUP, Cold Water Dips + Chocolate Almonds

June 18, 2021 Season 2 Episode 7
The Joy of SUP - The Paddleboarding Sunshine Podcast
Nicky Green - 2MinuteBeachClean, Grandpa’s SUP, Cold Water Dips + Chocolate Almonds
Show Notes

I am so thrilled to welcome Nicky Green to the podcast today!

Nicky is Chief Operating Officer at The 2 Minute Foundation

She is 42 and lives in Croyde, North Devon with her 2 girls, husband Graham and her dog Pixie. 

In 2019 I fundraised for The 2 Minute Foundation with my C2C SUP adventure from Liverpool to Goole, creating 4 beach clean stations. I am a very proud Ambassador. 

After graduating with a BA degree in 2000, Nicky travelled to Mexico + New Zealand. She worked in Australia with one job overlooking Sydney Harbour bridge and the blue mountains and loved every minute!

On her return, she worked in financial PR, then project management but jumped at the opportunity to join Graham in India for 6 months where she travelled and volunteered for a Women’s empowerment charity. 

After working in London, the pull back to North Devon and the Atlantic coast was magnetic.

At the end of her maternity leave for her firstborn, she started working with Martin Dorey, founder of The 2 Minute Foundation for his writing business 1 day a week. 

As traction on the 2 minute beach clean hashtag grew, she listened intently into the conversations between Martin and Dolly, the social media manager and wanted ‘in’! Starting out with the bookkeeping, online shop and station sales, she soon picked up more hours to work with corporate relations, new campaigns, recruiting the wider 2 minute team and being instrumental to transition into charity status. 

She now helps to drive The 2 Minute Foundation forwards with the growing and awe inspiring team and adores working for a charity that aligns with her values. She is 2 Minute through and through, always on the look out for new 2 Minute opportunities and litter (!), continually learning and seeking out new adventures.

In addition to the love of SUP, her hobbies include running, Pilates, singing and dipping in the sea!

In this episode we also hear how Nicky's Grandfather was enjoying paddleboarding in the 1940s!

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